Toys Are Us!

Every person, regardless of age, culture or background has, at some point, played with different toys. Every person also has a soft spot for some of their favourite toys and happy memories of their childhood playtime. One of the major features of childhood is the act of playing, be it with friends or by oneself. Along with sports and games, most children love to play with certain toys, designed to engage the child’s attention and also help the child to learn.

Studies have found that play is actually one of the most important components in a child’s early development. The way a child interacts with objects and people in toddlerhood could have an effect on the individual’s personality later in life. Toys, which act as the main objects in a child’s play, actually play an essential role in development. Children learn notions of sharing, possession and depending on the toy, also about science, motion and cause-and-effect. Toys like building blocks and dollhouses also aid in the development of dexterity and fine motor skills. It is clear therefore, that in many ways, toys play a significant role in the lives of children.

However, does this mean that toys are and should be limited to children? Not in the least! First of all, there are no age limits on playing, so toys can be of use to everybody! Furthermore, even if one were to dismiss some children’s toys as silly or too simple, there is no denying that many games are actually useful to older audiences as well! Stuffed animals and dolls can provide comfort, and to some, act as collectors’ items. Many simple toys, like a paddleball, yo-yo or a Barbie can also serve as stress busters that can help with relaxation. Puzzles and board games also have an ageless appeal, and in fact, encourage mental agility, which is a plus at any age!

Therefore, whether you are 8 or 82, it is never too late or too silly to pick up your favourite toy and play!

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