Gaming Consoles

Be it a hand-me-down Gameboy, your very own Xbox 360 or that popular kid’s Playstation 4, you’ve probably spent a significant part of your childhood glued to a video game or two. For centuries, toys and games had been limited to tangible, physical objects. Even with the introduction of board games and puzzles, toys were primarily material-based. The emergence of the digital era transformed the very notion of playing games.

With digital imaging and development came the advent of computer games of various kinds, gaining widespread popularity in the 90s. The development of video games soon allowed kids and teens to experience the arcade, right at home! It was not long before this led to the release of specialised gaming consoles, meant exclusively for this purpose.

Video game franchises began to attract a larger fan base, and some, like Lara Croft and Resident Evil have even been developed into movies! Combined with the constant revamping and development of PS, Xbox and others like Nintendo, the sustained release of new multiplayer games and continuation of well-liked series led to an exponential growth in the population of gamers.

Over the years, gaming has evolved to a different level altogether, with many people making a living from either writing, designing graphics, testing and promoting video games. Other users have monetised multiplayer gaming by streaming their experiences on video sharing sites and betting on video games through game providers as well. Some of the most popular games for betting includes Defender of the Ancients (DOTA) and Counter Strike. These games have even warranted the creation of leagues which host conventions and competitions that are packed with gamers and fans.

Besides first-person shooter games, strategy, mystery and racing games are also hits among most gamers. As a results, games like Minecraft, the Grand Theft Auto Series, Undertale and many more also attract wide fan bases.

It is clear that whether you play on PC or console, like action or a slow pace, there is a video game out there for you, and it may be time you set out to find it!

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