Games and the PC

Over the years, games have taken on various shapes and forms. From outdoor games and sports, activities began to move into the home, with the likes of board games and indoor games. Following the introduction of the personal computer, the very concept of a game was redefined. There was no longer a need for a designated physical space or other materials. Especially with single-player games, a gamer needed nothing else but the computer to play.

Initially, digital games were recreations of popular movies and television shows, for instance the Prince of Persia, Aladdin and The Lion King. Others featured new characters and story lines that gained popularity over time, like Mario and Donkey Kong. These characters and their respective games turned into one of the most favoured forms of entertainment, especially for the youth.

As the gaming industry grew and developed, attempts were made to venture into different styles and types of games as well. It was in this period, when broadband internet access from home was not widely available, that users mostly played offline games. Some of the most popular of these included virtual versions of real-life games, like chess, pinball and even board games like Monopoly.

It was at this time that multiplayer games became more prominent, a phenomenon that the internet later accelerated.

Many of the multiplayer games that became really popular involved a variety of card games. With virtual solitaire, poker, blackjack and roulette, users could get their casino bonus, compete with friends and get their names on the leader boards. Due to entertainment value and also the convenience of PC gaming, such virtual games began to gain an even larger market.

Even today, many gamers choose to play video games on their personal computers. While thousands of new games have been released, classics like board games and card games, even in their virtual form, never lose their charm.

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