Famous Toy Movies

Whether you heard the story of Pinocchio as a child, or sobbed at Toy Story 3 many years later, you have probably seen a fair share of movies where the major characters are children’s toys. If you’re new to this genre, or want to add some films to your favourites, check out this list of widely-loved toy movies:

Toy Story

Arguably the most popular series of films featuring toys as the protagonists, Pixar’s four films bring children’s dolls and action figures to life, literally! With each one being a hit, there is no choice but to watch the entire trilogy!


One of the most popular toys till date, the Transformers franchise brought Autobots and Megatrons to life on screen in both, animated and live-action versions. Transformers (2007) introduced these toys as living, thinking beings from an alien planet, rather than mindless robots. Watch out for great graphics, lots of explosions and a fast-paced adventure.

The Lego Movie

From being weapons of mass destruction when strewn across you floor, these tiny, yellow blocks became quirky characters in The LEGO Movie. It also features LEGO versions of several popular characters and figures, so keep your eyes peeled for Wonder Woman, Superman and Han Solo, among others! The film’s large-scale popularity has since led to the development of sequels, including The Lego Batman Movie.


Mattel’s Barbie has, for over 50 years, been one of the most universally popular dolls. It is no surprise then, that the toy was developed into characters in many animated movies. Besides cameos in the Toy Story movies, Barbie also starred in numerous other roles. These movies include reboots of classic fairytales such as Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and even the story of the Princess and the Pauper.


These small-in-size dolls play larger-than-life characters in the animated movie, Trolls. Featuring plenty of singing, fun, silly humour and a heartwarming storyline, the musical comedy garnered a largely positive reception.

If you’ve seen most or all of these films, remember, there are many more to find, and also tons of sequels in production, so do not fret!

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