Bears to Bear in Mind

The widespread fame and growing love for teddy bears in the 20th century led to the creation of several television and movie characters based on the stuffed animal.

The Care Bears

Residents on the Kingdom of Caring, the Care Bears are a group of multi-coloured bears that thrive on kindness and compassion. The television series and movies take the audience through the adventure of watching the Care Bears restore happiness to little children, and saving them from danger.

Winnie the Pooh

Christopher Robin’s little stuffed animal is one of the most loved children’s book characters of all time! The endearing bear with a perennial hankering for “hunny”, lives in the Hundred Acre Woods with his fellow animals including a tiger, a rabbit, a piglet, an owl, a donkey and kangaroos. With five movies, five television shows, numerous books and many video games, Winnie the Pooh seems to be one popular bear!

Paddington Bear

Inspired by a lone teddy bear on a storefront shelf, the creator of Paddington Bear wrote an elaborate background for the character. The bear comes from deepest, darkest Peru, always dons his hat and special suitcase, and has a great love for marmalade. Paddington Bear’s impeccable manners, gentle temperament and unique personality made the character a household name, with adaptation into television series, movies and a large collection of books.

Lots-o’-Huggin Bear

This large, pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear plays a pivotal role in Toy Story 3. Without spoiling the ending, it is safe to say that Lots-o’ comes with a complex backstory and several surprise twists.

Teddy (Mr Bean)

The small, cuddly brown bear has been a constant companion of the titular character in the Mr. Bean series. Teddy gets the ultimate special treatment, getting tucked into his own little bed every night!

Other honourable mentions include Corduroy Bear, Teddy Ruxpin and Teddy from Mr. Bean! No matter the size, shape, colour or personality, there is no doubt that cuddly bears of all kinds are loved dearly!

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