All-Time Favourite Toys

From spinning tops, to Beyblade, to fidget spinners, toys have changed, grown and developed over the years. However, despite the popularity of newer, modern toys, some classic toys seem to have never lost their charm. If you’re wondering about what timeless toys these may be, here you go:

  • Hot Wheels – These small cars were first introduced in the 1960s, and soon grew to recreate scale models of actual automobiles. While kids love to race their Hot Wheels on the various limited edition tracks and set-ups, many adults view specific models as collectors’ items, thus making the toys bestsellers to this day!
  • Rubix Cube – A timeless puzzle toy, this multi coloured cube has spanned and puzzled generation after generation. Whether you’re able to solve it in thirty seconds, blindfolded, or cannot figure out a single side, chances are, you can’t help but pick up a cube and give it a go every once in a while.
  • Slinky – One of the most entertaining yet simple toys, a slinky is essentially a spiral-shaped length of coloured plastic. However, that does not mean that it is not still one of the most-loved and best-selling toys, if only due to its mesmerizing movement as it falls down the stairs.
  • Teddy Bears – If you were to say that you did not cuddle up to a stuffed animal every night as a child, you would definitely be lying. The most popular animal to be sold in plush form, teddy bears are almost a staple for every child, growing up. Though they come in various shapes, colours and sizes, we have all loved them, chosen embarrassing names for them, and would not have made it through nap time without our teddies!
  • Barbie – Released by Mattel over fifty years ago, this toy has garnered the highest sales for the company. Children are still treated to new versions of Barbie, presented in a variety of professions and modelled after famous celebrities. In recent times, Barbie has also been re-branded to include representations of diverse body types and skin tones, only increasing the enduring love for the doll.

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