Famous Toy Movies

Famous Toy Movies

Whether you heard the story of Pinocchio as a child, or sobbed at Toy Story 3 many years later, you have probably seen a fair share of movies where the major characters More »

All-Time Favourite Toys

All-Time Favourite Toys

From spinning tops, to Beyblade, to fidget spinners, toys have changed, grown and developed over the years. However, despite the popularity of newer, modern toys, some classic toys seem to have never More »


A Complete Look at Toys

It is a fact that at some point in their lives, everybody needs a good, soft, cuddly teddy bear. If you are on the hunt for a plush teddy bear of any kind, everything you need to know is right here!

From tales about the origin of teddy bears to the most famous teddy bears in recent times, you can be sure to learn something new about your favourite stuffed animal. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about other toys, then we have something for you too! Look out for some fascinating facts about classic toys.

It does not matter whether you are into vintage toys like the American Girl dolls or you are more captivated by fidget spinners and the like. The site features information on a range of toys and dolls, right from antique collectibles to the latest gadgets. If the evolution of gaming and toys is something that interests you, then you cannot miss the articles on video games, gaming consoles and computer games.

So whether you are out scouting vintage collectibles, hope to buy the best cuddle toy or just want to know more about your favourite toys, we would be happy to help you! At Silly Bears, we may be a silly bunch that loves to have fun, but we certainly mean serious business when it comes to finding the right bear for the right owner.

So browse through the site and learn more about your favourite toys, games and teddy bears, right here at Silly Bears!

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